We have been running validator nodes for the Radix network since the beginning of Olympia Betanet and then it’s Stokenet. During that time, our servers achieved nearly 100% up time. We have also worked closely with the community to find best practices to ensure a bright future for Radix.

We strive to provide a top notch service for the DeFi community.


Our vision is a fast, reliable, secure, and uncensored financial system for citizens of the world.


Our mission is to make Radix a network that are broadly adopted by financial institutions and used by end users.


  • Network Security
  • Communication Transparency
  • System Usability
  • Trustworthy Computing
  • Community Growth


We are a team of two IT professionals who combined have over thirty years of knowledge in software, system, networking, and security.

Team Experiences

  • Linux systems
    • Slakeware, Red Hat, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Software development
    • Assembly, C/C++/Objective-C, Java, Python, PHP, Angular, ReactJS